Welcome to The Write College, where the college application process is a joyride and students learn skills that will help them well beyond the moment they press “submit!” 

I discovered the need for college essay and application coaching when my oldest child was applying. At first, the process seemed long, complicated and needlessly stressful, but we got through it and my daughter was happy with her results. 

Others in my circle soon began turning to me for help, figuring I might know a thing or two. Not only have I been through it, but as a college professor, I also work with teenagers and the world of higher ed every single day. 

When I realized that Zoom makes 1:1 writing lessons even more effective than in-person classes, I formalized my offerings and hung out my shingle. My schedule filled up immediately. I was busy nonstop, but it didn’t feel like a chore – it felt like the work I was called to do.  

I’ve come to view The Write College as my Ikigai, a Japanese concept that loosely translates to “reason for being.” It’s an idea bandied about a lot in corporate America and elsewhere. There are wonderful books and Ted Talks on the topic of Ikigai – I often recommend them to my students. The diagram below describes it succinctly. 

Luck, persistence, and curiosity all brought me to this place. Now, my mission is clear—to infuse peace, calm, and confidence into the lives of students and families through my teaching and coaching. Sharing my knowledge and experiences with students is how I live in alignment with my purpose. 

“Age considers; youth ventures.” – Rabindranath Tagore

In exchange, students help me see life in new and unique ways. They are an antidote to the cynicism that envelopes our world at every turn, and the finest among them are unlearning the mistakes of the past while rewriting our collective future. I’m blessed to walk the path with them, and can’t wait to see where it takes us all!